River Ethics

This entry is an excerpt from the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area web site:

  • The river draws many different kinds of people. They are enjoying what they are doing as much as you are  enjoying what you’re doing. Please be respectful of others.
  • At low flows, boaters should alert anglers to their presence in a quiet and courteous manner. If possible avoid floating through the water being fished by an angler.
  • Please keep noise to a respectable level – for wildlife, nearby homeowners and others enjoying the river.
  • The river passes through areas of private property including railroad tracks and right-of-ways. Don’t trespass! Be considerate of the river’s neighbors!
  • Keep a safe distance between your boat and others when approaching rapids.
  • You can help minimize the damage rafts and feet do to the shoreline by stopping only at well used sites or rocky areas.
  • Trash? Bring it out with you. Someone else left it? Bring it out too!
  • The use of fire pans and human waste containers is required when camping in undeveloped areas along the river.
  • The put-in and take-out sites are often busy places. Please launch and load your boat as quickly as possible. Most boat ramps have a 15 minute load and unload limit. Separate rigging and deflating areas are available at many boat ramps.

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