About Us

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The Pikes Peak Whitewater Club is a kayak-oriented whitewater club based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We've been around since 1975. A few of our founding members are still paddling with us today.

We want to foster an enthusiastic group of paddlers and be the place to meet others who enjoy kayaking and exploring Colorado's exciting whitewater rivers. We like sharing hidden river gems, camping areas, adventure destinations, and of course, stories. We’ll be paddling and playing somewhere, in something–canoe, kayak, raft, or ducky.

There's wide range of talent and experience and all are welcome. So, please, come join the fun!

Check out this year's calendar.

Membership Benefits

  • Pool sessions.
  • Discounts with area retailers - see the club discount list on the right.
  • Access to club-sponsored courses, events, and clinics supported by ACA certified instructor(s).
  • If you’re a beginner, we'll help you learn to roll, teach you about the sport, and provide opportunities to get on the river with experienced paddlers and ACA certified instructor(s).
  • You'll get great resources for finding other people to paddle with. Better yet, we're a source for playing and laughing with your water buddies and meet a lot of smiling people.

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