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Club Officers for 2015

Our club officers for 2015 are now in place. Please feel free to reach out to these folks for support.

Sharlene Yabe - President - (719) 210-2160

"I’m a late bloomer and didn’t start kayaking until I was 46. But it was a sport I knew I could do and the PPWC was the place for me to learn. I took the Beginner’s class and it prepared me well for the paddling season. I’ve met so many fun people and now some of my closest friends are my fellow paddlers.

I’m really proud to give back to the club that has given me the chance to change my life. No matter your age, it’s never too late to learn this sport. I highly recommend new paddlers take our Beginner’s class and take every opportunity to meet members of our club."

Kurt Schroeder - Treasurer - (719) 761-1572

"Forging great friendships, going beautiful places and sharing exciting experiences with those friends is what kayaking means to me. I have been on the river for over 20 years and been a member of the club for that long as well. I love sharing my knowledge of the sport almost as much as I love the sport itself! Bringing beginners along and seeing their ear to ear grin once they have finished their first blind drop at Tincup Rapid puts the same smile on my face.  It was finding the club 21 years ago that has probably been the biggest reason I am still on the river today, and plan to be there for another 20 years from now!"

Dan Dyer - Secretary - (719) 440-1257

"Years ago, a friend tried talking me into whitewater kayaking and I remember telling him, "You'll never see me in a kayak" due to my fear of the water. Years later, and now starting my eighth season (2015), I'm so grateful to be running the rivers!  The action as well as the serenity of the river has such an amazing effect on the soul.  The initial nervousness of being a beginner in the club was quickly overcome by the willingness of the experienced paddlers teaching me as well as so many others how to roll and navigate the rivers.  See you on the river!"

pikes peak whitewater club logo. click here to go to home page.

Club Discounts

The retailers below have generously offered the following discounts to PPWC members. To receive any discounts, you must be a current PPWC member and in good standing.

The Edge Ski Paddle and Pack

15% off on non-sale items (boats not included). Bob Walker has agreed to do a discounted rental package for us again this year for $150.00. The rental fee also applies to the purchase of a new boat.

Underwater Connection

10% including special order items, excludes new boats/SUP boards and anything that is already on sale. New Boat/SUP board purchases more than $900 receive a $100 in store credit; under $900 is a $50 in store credit. In store credit can be used towards instruction. So...for example

  • Buy a new boat and for $40 more I teach how to roll it and you also get endless pool practice roll sessions.
  • Buy a new boat and for $49 more you get the Intro to kayak class.
  • Buy a new Boat and for $79 more you get the Essentials of River Kayaking Course.


10% off in-store

Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS)

10% off in-store

Golden River Sports

10% off in-store purchases (excludes certain items and already on sale items). Additionally, with every new boat or new SUP purchase at full retail, you receive a $100.00 GRS store credit! Keep this credit on your account and use your $100.00 towards any full priced item in their inventory! Or you can use up to $100.00 of your demo rental fees towards the purchase of a new boat (boat demos start at $25/day - demo as many different boats as you'd like that day for that one $25 charge).

Mountain Equipment Recyclers

10% off in-store

Mountain Equipment Recyclers