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Swift Water Rescue Training Course

Get River Rescue Pro Certified with the PPWC!

July 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2017

The newly developed River Rescue Pro certification course is 3 days of intensive and comprehensive training that takes professional certification for the professional boater to a whole new level. All days are taught in the river environment. Short lectures will be followed with immediate application in the water. The class is held over a minimum of 3 days with case study homework in the evenings. The program is engaging, exciting, challenging, fun and affordable for all participants, with a strong emphasis on safety and prevention of accidents; as well as appropriate response to a whitewater emergency. This is the best river rescue certification course available to professional river guides and kayakers worldwide.

This course can be offered exclusively to our group (as long as we have 10 or more participants) over a three day weekend of July 7th, 8th, and 9th. The cost to members would be $300 and meets international commercial guiding certification standards.

For questions/enrollment information please contact Ben Schmitt at or (719) 351-4359.

Get your spot soon!

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Club Discounts

The retailers below have generously offered the following discounts to PPWC members. To receive any discounts, you must be a current PPWC member and in good standing.

The Edge Ski Paddle and Pack

15% off on non-sale items (boats not included). Bob Walker has agreed to do a discounted rental package for us again this year for $150.00. The rental fee also applies to the purchase of a new boat.

Underwater Connection

10% including special order items, excludes new boats/SUP boards and anything that is already on sale. New Boat/SUP board purchases more than $900 receive a $100 in store credit; under $900 is a $50 in store credit. In store credit can be used towards instruction. So...for example

  • Buy a new boat and for $40 more I teach how to roll it and you also get endless pool practice roll sessions.
  • Buy a new boat and for $49 more you get the Intro to kayak class.
  • Buy a new Boat and for $79 more you get the Essentials of River Kayaking Course.


10% off in-store

Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS)

10% off in-store

Golden River Sports

10% off in-store purchases (excludes certain items and already on sale items). Additionally, with every new boat or new SUP purchase at full retail, you receive a $100.00 GRS store credit! Keep this credit on your account and use your $100.00 towards any full priced item in their inventory! Or you can use up to $100.00 of your demo rental fees towards the purchase of a new boat (boat demos start at $25/day - demo as many different boats as you'd like that day for that one $25 charge).

Mountain Equipment Recyclers

10% off in-store

Mountain Equipment Recyclers