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Pool Sessions

Come practice your roll and get boat fit for the season. Pool sessions are included in a PPWC membership.

All pool sessions are open play. There are at least two instructors available to help with rolling and any other aspects of paddling you may have questions about. Look for them at the shallow end of the pool. The Secretary or the person on duty at the desk can identify them for you. Feel free to ask for help. Give them room in the shallow end to work with students.
Please use the hose provided to wash your boat as needed and don’t drag boats across the floors. No seal launching from the edges because it can damage the tiles (they come loose or break off). The lifeguards on duty have the final say on what conduct is allowed and will enforce pool rules as deemed necessary for everyone’s safety. Please respect them and abide by their decisions.

We rent pool time from Cheyenne Mountain School District #12. By agreement we are financially responsible for all damages beyond fair wear and tear so help us to take care of the facility. At the end of the pool session we are required to put the lane markers back in place and return the hose to the storage closet. We can always use help doing so.
Doors open shortly before the session start time. Please do not get in the water before the session start time and please be out of the water no later than the session end time. The women’s locker room is located on the north wall and the men’s is on the east wall. Lockers are available and you must provide your own lock. Please secure your valuables. Please leave the facility promptly after the pool session end time so that the lifeguards can lock up and leave. We do check the locker rooms and bleachers for left behind property and add it to the aquatic center's lost and found.

Everyone is more than willing to help you feel welcome and enjoy your kayak experience so please don't hesitate to ask questions. 

2020 - Pool Session Schedule

Location: Cheyenne Mountain Aquatic Center ( Map




22 (Demo Day with CKS)

19 *
26 *

* Once again we will offer our Whitewater kayak beginner classes.

Beginner class details

Indoor pool sessions:

4-7pm April 19
4-7pm April 26

2 day River day instruction: TBD

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