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Pucón Kayak Hostel

Pikes Peak Whitewater Club Members Special Discount to kayak in Chile with Pucón Kayak Hostel.

What is the special discount Pucon Kayak Hostel is offering to PPWC Members?

Pucon Kayak Hostel is pleased to offer PPWC members a special discount for the 2016-2017 season. The discount is based on the total number of PPWC members that book a trip this season. You don’t have to come as a group or even come at the same time to take advantage of discounts, but you must book your reservation by September 30, 2016.

How does the PPWC Member discount work?

Any and all PPWC member reservations prior to September 30, 2016 apply to a PPWC cumulative group discount.

For example, a group of 6 may join our Pucon Classics trip in January. A separate group of 3 may join our Teacups + Pucon Trip in November. Another 3 members may join our Road to Futa trip in February. If all members make their reservations by September 30, it means cumulatively, PPWC had 12 members, and each of those members receive a 20% discount on their chosen trip or stay. The discount may not be used in addition to any other discount or promotion.

PPWC Member Discount Scale

1 – 8 Members 10% DISCOUNT
9 – 11 Members 15% DISCOUNT

How does PKH keep track of PPWC members?

The PKH office will keep a PPWC member spreadsheet to keep track of discounts. Eligibility will be verified with the PPWC executive team. By September 30th we’ll know how big your member discounts will be.

What trips do you recommend for PPWC members?

PPWC members may apply their member discount to any PKH offering. We are specifically recommending the Pucon Classics as a PPWC group trip because it covers the range of skills from beginner to intermediate to advanced kayaker.

Pucon Classics + San Pedro Overnighter + Rio Fuy Trip (II, III & IV)

Dates: Dec 27 to Jan 6
Cost: $1950 camping/$2250 shared occupancy lodging

This is the best group trip for PPWC members as it is designed to offer great kayaking for beginners to experts. The stability of the PKH base and quality of rivers and features just minutes away will be your group’s remarkable daily advantage. One day you’ll paddle two different sections of river. The next you’ll do a river and hot springs. Then you’ll pack for the best riverside overnight camp experience of your life. And lastly take a Rio Fuy road trip to a river offering waterfalls, architecture straight out of a ferry tale, and easy sections too all nestled between volcanoes, glaciers and lakes. Paradise Discovered.

Chef cooked meals under the Chilean stars on a beach next to a play-wave. Sleep-in and paddle out of the San Pedro and head to the Rio Fuy’s blue waters. And PKH has instructors and sections for both development and advanced boaters. This is heaven.

Road to Futa (II, III & IV+)

Dates: Feb 18 – Mar 3
Cost: $2900 camping/$3350 shared occupancy lodging

Traveling Chile’s world famous Carretera Austral or Southern Highway is the road trip of a lifetime. You’ll float on ferries through fjords passing dolphins and salmon farms, drive through Patagonia’s land of volcanoes and glaciers, and experience a warm culture that survives off the land. Once you arrive to the Futa Valley you’ll feel you’ve found paradise. And it gets even better once you paddle those turquoise warm waves. Surprisingly, there are sections as great for beginners as there are for pros attracted from around the globe. Do you want to boof the Himalaya waves? Or master your combat roll with confidence? How about race against the pros at Futa Fest? Or run Inferno Canyon? Now, imagine sitting down to a chef cooked dinner with the fire and river chatter as warm as your celebratory tinto toasts. This is your Futa future.

What about equipment?

PKH has South America’s largest and best selection of kayaks. Annually, PKH invests thousands to ship and keep their kayak fleet new and in excellent condition. The quality standard continues with PKH’s fleet of trailers, SUVs, trucks and vans. You’ll be riding in style. Choose from Dagger Nomads and Mambas; Liquid Logic Flying Squirrels, Stompers and Remixes; Jackson Kayak Zens, Karmas and playboats; Zet Raptors, Velocs, Toros and Directors; Pyranha Burns and 9rs (pending shipping); and Waka Tunas.

Who are Pucon Kayak Hostel’s instructors?

PKH and the Nantahala Outdoor Center designed a mutually win-win partnership. PKH employs NOC best selected instructors in a fashion that guarantees year round employment. Meaning PKH kayakers receive the highest quality of NOC instruction and world class beauty on Chilean rivers. Some of our instructors are David Hughes – Owner Pucon Kayak Hostel, Tosh Arwood – NOC Kayak Program Director, Jessie Hughes – Owner Pucon Kayak Hostel, Curtis England – NOC Kayak Instruction Vet, Mark Taylor – NOC/PKH instructor, and Kalob Grady – Ottawa Kayak School/International Competitor.

Visit the Pucon Kayak Hostel website.

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Club Discounts

The retailers below have generously offered the following discounts to PPWC members. To receive any discounts, you must be a current PPWC member and in good standing.

The Edge Ski Paddle and Pack

15% off on non-sale items (boats not included). Bob Walker has agreed to do a discounted rental package for us again this year for $150.00. The rental fee also applies to the purchase of a new boat.

Underwater Connection

10% including special order items, excludes new boats/SUP boards and anything that is already on sale. New Boat/SUP board purchases more than $900 receive a $100 in store credit; under $900 is a $50 in store credit. In store credit can be used towards instruction. So...for example

  • Buy a new boat and for $40 more I teach how to roll it and you also get endless pool practice roll sessions.
  • Buy a new boat and for $49 more you get the Intro to kayak class.
  • Buy a new Boat and for $79 more you get the Essentials of River Kayaking Course.


10% off in-store

Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS)

10% off in-store

Golden River Sports

10% off in-store purchases (excludes certain items and already on sale items). Additionally, with every new boat or new SUP purchase at full retail, you receive a $100.00 GRS store credit! Keep this credit on your account and use your $100.00 towards any full priced item in their inventory! Or you can use up to $100.00 of your demo rental fees towards the purchase of a new boat (boat demos start at $25/day - demo as many different boats as you'd like that day for that one $25 charge).